Atlantic emphasizes a print management solution, which includes provisions for recycling used supplies, minimizing waste, and using less paper.   We partner exclusively with Xerox, a world leader in Green initiatives.    At Xerox Sustainability is their way of doing business. Xerox aligns  goals for the environment, health and safety in key areas to make a worldwide impact.

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Reducing Carbon Footprint on Equipment, meeting Energy Star Requirements, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

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Clean Air and Clean Water – Xerox Clean Manufacturing efforts over the years to remove toxic chemicals results in clean air and clean water in product life-cycles.

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Waste Management -  Waste Management is producing products that use resources efficiently, minimize waste, and recycle what can’t be used.

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Minimizing Hazardous Chemicals in Xerox Products – Xerox minimizes hazardous materials in equipment, toner, paper, etc. with strict internal  standards, and requirements of Suppliers.

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Paper and Recycled Paper – Paper sourcing, paper use,  recycled paper, and eco-friendly paper offerings are designed to preserve forests, and the Environment.